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  1. key4you

    key4you New Member

    try to install app2sd
    after install it reboot nd stuck on se logo.noting happens after 30 min.:(

    need help

    i have xrecovery install its working nd i try to reset factory settings but not working freez on se logo need help.:(

  2. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    If xRecovery is working, just flash the backup from your /sd/xRecovery/backup and you are good to go.

    go to xRecovery menu>backup and restore>restore

    cheers :)
  3. key4you

    key4you New Member

    got no back up so i use


    for restore and it works for me now i have app2sd nd xrecovery both

    nd 1 made new back up first so now i able to restore it.thanks.
  4. LeyoKun

    LeyoKun New Member

    Im asking everyone here...My X8 stuck the SE logo..after i installed the CM7...but before i install it, i didn't follow the instruction..i just install it through the xRecovery. and then switched off the phone. after that,i turned on my phone and its stuck on the SE logo..i didn't even can access to xRecovery..If can access to there,i will restore it..but i can't because i didn't even can enter the xRecovery... when i do the way u all have given, theres nothing change except the same stuck on SE logo..what should i do... Is there any way to solve this problem.. please...i will be appreciate with any of your help... i just feel so sad with my X8...

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