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  1. xbicus

    xbicus New Member

    So I'm rooted and have tried both removing and renaming the sound effects in /system/media/audio/ui mainly to get rid of the camera sounds. I've even removed the entire ui folder, yet the sounds still persist.

    Would there be any other directory with these sounds or are they integrated in the camera app itself?

  2. xbicus

    xbicus New Member

    Also have tried editing /system/csc/feature.xml and changing Feature_Camera_ShutterSoundMenu from false to true and for some reason the phone won't accept that when I try to save it.

    Edit: A feature.xml file that I edited on my computer, transferred to my sdcard and moved it to the /system/csc/ folder replaced the system file. After a reboot, the "Shutter Sound" was enabled in my camera settings. Win.

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