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  1. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

    Hello, Im trying to use go locker as my default lockscreen. But before I try to use no lock and do this I need a problem to be solved. Whenever I power off my kindle and power it back on, my stock lock screen is there but my go locker lock screen doesn't come up. But when I lock it, its back, how do I make my go locker lock screen still stay right after a reboot??

  2. FishDoctor

    FishDoctor Well-Known Member

  3. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

    No offense but that has nothing to do with my problem. My problem is my go locker lock screen not showing up after I reboot the device and try to unlock it.
  4. FishDoctor

    FishDoctor Well-Known Member

    Sorry -- misunderstood what you were needing.
  5. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

    Sorry,its just I've asked so many people and nobody has responded to me yet.
  6. So my understanding is that your always getting put back to the Kindle Fire's carousel screen(stock screen) after installing GO Launcher? If that's correct then have no fear. I have an easy 2 step solution that will fix that issue in just 10 seconds :)
    1. Press on the home key when your at the Kind Fire's Stock screen.
    2. Check the the box at the bottom of the popup when it comes up asking which Launcher you want to use and select Go Launcher
    Voila, you just set your Go Launcher as the main Launcher every time you reboot or power on your kindle and in no time flat!
  7. Airmaxx23

    Airmaxx23 Well-Known Member

    He's using Go Locker which is an alternate lock screen and doesn't like how the stock lock screen still shows up the first time he unlocks it after a reboot.

    I don't think there is any way to completely disable the stock ROM's lock screen so that it won't come up before Go Locker after a reboot. Since it only happens during the first unlock and doesn't do it on subsequent unlocks I wouldn't worry about it, are you really rebooting your Kindle that often anyway?
  8. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

    I can shut the kindle down at the lock screen, thus easily bypassing it :-(
  9. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

    I installed the cyanogen mod 7 rom on my kindle so the problem is pretty much solved.
  10. spyderveloce

    spyderveloce New Member

    I'm having the same issue on an LG G2x. I know it's not a Kindle but this poses a huge security risk when using an unlock pattern or gesture unlock with Go Locker and it locks with the stock lockscreen after the reboot and is easily unlocked at that point.
  11. agadida

    agadida Well-Known Member

    have you tried asking on the lg 2x forum? it can be found here --> LG Optimus 2X - Android Forums

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