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  1. Slim11208

    Slim11208 Well-Known Member

    MetroPCS LG Motion 4G 4.0.4 Gallery Issue - YouTube

    My SD Card is already in.
    I open Gallery and all I see are black boxes.
    Those black boxes are supposed to be my pictures.
    They don't show unless I touch the screen.
    Its not supposed to be like that.
    When I just click a random folder to see the pictures inside,
    Its the same thing.
    Then if I click the picture inside to see the picture itself,
    the picture comes up blank. It doesn't show at all.

    LG MOTION 4G - MetroPCS - ICS 4.0.4

  2. chicle

    chicle Well-Known Member

    You could try Quick Pic or Perfect Viewer from the play store. Both free. It's what I use and they work fine for me.

    Good luck.
  3. Ubercharrge

    Ubercharrge Well-Known Member

    Huh, strange problem. Go to settings, apps, touch the 'ALL' tab, and look for gallery, and force close it and clear the data and cache.
  4. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    If that doesn't work, factory reset, you will lose anything not on the sd card
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  5. Slim11208

    Slim11208 Well-Known Member

    hmm... noo.. that'd only mask the issue, setting it aside..
    but thank you :eek:
  6. Slim11208

    Slim11208 Well-Known Member

    I had tried that already.
    and I noticed your post on the other thread as well.

    This was my response over there.
    "I had tried to clear the data and/or cache for the gallery.apk. Menu >settings >applications >manage applications, then select the "All" tab on top. Scroll down to Gallery, press it and select clear data, and, clear cache also.

    I'd found that response here..
    http://androidforums.com/droid-x-al...d-re-install-gallery-app-how.html#post2623372 "
  7. Slim11208

    Slim11208 Well-Known Member

    We have a winner!!
    New phone, not losing anything.
    Might as well.
    and it worked. :)

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