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  1. jmcook79

    jmcook79 Well-Known Member

    I'm new to android and trying to decide If I'm going to keep my Straight Talk Galaxy Centura. It's a great budget phone and has everything I need since I only use about 5 apps, play music, use the internet, text and talk.

    My question is will security updates be released or will this phone become more vunrable the older it gets? I plan on keeping it until it dies If I do decide to keep it (I'm still in the 15 day return policy). I'm thinking once the OS is outdated, I'll just stop using it for online purchases and banking. I hope this would be safe because I really don't want to have to by a new phone every few years, my last one (QWERTY non smart phone) kept kept going for 5 years and got dropped in some water...If not, I'd probably still be using it!


  2. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    Welcome to Android Forums. I moved your question to the forum dedicated to your phone.

    I believe the answer to your question is ... no one knows. Perhaps some other users of your phone will share their opinions.

    ... Thom
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  3. jmcook79

    jmcook79 Well-Known Member

    Thanks and sorry i didn't notice my phone had a forum.
  4. jmcook79

    jmcook79 Well-Known Member

    After doing a little more research, I don't think it will ever be updated. It really doesn't matter though because In all my years of using computers both Windows and Linux, I've never gotten a virus or been hacked. If I apply the same common sense and be safe with my phone I think I'll be ok in the long term.

    Since I'm new to smartphones, I keep forgetting that Android is Linux based and actually just a tiny computer, once I started thinking in those terms it made more sense. After almost a week of using it, it's already become second nature!
  5. sdboyd

    sdboyd New Member

    Considering the low price paid for the phone and the low price per month for service, it's very unlikely that StraightTalk will ever update this phone. If they do ever update Android on any of the phones, it will be the newer expensive models. Android 4.0.4 came out over a year ago. If they haven't updated it yet, they're not going to...
  6. freakshow85

    freakshow85 Well-Known Member

    Doesn't StraightTalk still put out newer model phones with 2.2 or 2.3 on them, too? I got this phone for affordibility and a later model OS. The 800mhz snapdragon kin cpu intrigued me, too. I thought hmm... better battery life. Wrong on that one lol.
  7. jmcook79

    jmcook79 Well-Known Member

    Yes they still sell models with 2.2 and 2.3. What's worse is the models that sell for $80 like the Galaxy Precedent with only 384MB internal storage. People buy this model and the similar LG Optimus Dynamic all the time and wonder why they install 2 apps and can no longer add new contacts or send and receive texts!

    For only $20 more, the Centura gives you SO much more. 4GB of internal storage is more than enough for me since I'm not a heavy app user, and even with 12 apps installed, I still have 2.3GB left. That's why I'm glad I did my homework before buying. I work at Walmart and most people just see the $80 price tag and buy the older phones and then are back within a few days for a refund or exchange.
    Samsung and TracFone should be ashamed for still selling these older models.

    As far as battery life, I can live with it because it lasts anywhere between 10-16 hours with 30% to spare depending on my use, and I have a spare battery on order as well.
  8. freakshow85

    freakshow85 Well-Known Member

    Ya know what? I'd like to say my Centura is getting great battery life now. I just use Juice Defender on balanced mode... which practically disables data for set amounts of your choosing of time and will periodically (15 mins for me) reconnect to sync, update e-mail, etc. I... on a fresh phone... on a lighter usage day.. have went 12 hours to hit 50% battery life... but anything more than texting uses 100% cpu and plus the radio for data.. it really eats my battery up. Just sitting here using the forum app... 80-100% cpu usage. I am a little disappointed in the power... I have an old droid 2 global that feels faster than this phone in every way. Benchmarks show that they battle closely though from what I've seen personally... but the droid 2 doesn't have to use so much cpu compares to this phone. 1.2 ghz vs 800 mhz.

    I really had faith it would be like cpu's in the modern world. Newer cpu's run lower mhz and do more.. but this is disappointing. Does everyone's phone use a lot of cpu when running small apps? Like the android forums app?
  9. jimmywalt

    jimmywalt Well-Known Member

    Download Lookout. It's an anti virus program. With it you will be safe.

    Just like computers only visit well trusted well known websites.
  10. jmcook79

    jmcook79 Well-Known Member

    Yes that's good advice, I've been using computers since 96 and I've never gotten one virus. Even when I download videos etc. I never actually download a file, I just use a flash video downloader that captures the stream. Flashgot is my favorite. I've saved many friends from Limewire virus hell by telling them to do it this way lol. Not that I'm advocating downloading copyrighted material :rolleyes: Ok I'm getting way off topic now!
  11. JooseyJay

    JooseyJay Well-Known Member

    This phone overclocks to 1.2ghz with the arearom kernel and its been said they are testing 2ghz fairly successfully. Gives it quite the boost.

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