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(Solved) Straight Talk Lg optimus 2x release date????General

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  1. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

    Since Straight Talk themselves cant bother to tell their customers when their newest phone, the lg optimus 2x, is going to be released, maybe somebody on here has an idea on when ill get that email notification that its ready....

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  2. optimus2x

    optimus2x Member

    Good luck finding out, I just emailed ST and I am waiting on a reply. A friend that works at wal-mart has told me that there are several of them in the back of the store but ST has told them not to put them on the shelves yet? Maybe this is just a ploy to drum up business for either ST or LG ?:confused:
  3. optimus2x

    optimus2x Member

    Ok Just recieved an email from ST and they are currently working on updating the website and according to where you live the phone will be in walmart stores.....Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  4. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

    Thats good news, so did they say when the phones will be available for purchase?
  5. optimus2x

    optimus2x Member

    no actually they didnt but I called them and ofcourse I got an incompetent person who was a bit confused, but he did confrm that they were updating the website and that they should already be in stores, he just didnt know how much it would cost. below is a copy of the email I recieved from them.

    Thank you for your interest in Straight Talk Wireless. We are responding
    to your recent inquiry.

    We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any
    inconvenience you may have experienced with this issue.

    Please be informed that we have already released the LG Optimus 2X on
    our website and through Wal-Mart retail stores. However, the phone?s
    availability depends in the area where the phone will be used the most.
    Moreover, we are currently working on updating our website at
    Welcome To Straight Talk in order for us to allow customers to buy the LG
    Optimus 2X phones.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact one of our
    customer care representatives at 1-888-251-8164. For your convenience,
    our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM

    Thank you for being a Straight Talk Wireless customer. We appreciate
    your business.


    Straight Talk Wireless
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  6. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

    OK thanks I appreciate your help BTW I checked a few days ago but they weren't there. My area is LG 2x avaliable so maybe they might have them now?
  7. ger1986

    ger1986 New Member

    I went to two Supper Walmarts Yesterday here in Tucson Arizona and was told by both Phone Store Managers they would not have them in the stores until May this year. Other than that they had no idea on price or if the Straight Talk Web Site and or the Walmart Web Site would have them available any sooner? I emailed Straight Talk on 2/24/2012 and got a email back saying they were release on 2/20/2012, four days prior-----------they don't have a clue.
  8. ger1986

    ger1986 New Member

    I went to two Supper Walmart's yesterday (3/1/2012) and was told by both the Cell Phone Store Managers not to espect the phone in the Walmart Stores until sometime in May 2012! They had no idea on what the price would be. I also had emailed Straight Talk on 2/24/2012 and got a reply back that the release date was 2/20/2012, four days earlier so they don't have a clue either. If anyone finds out more PLEASE post-------:confused:
  9. ger1986

    ger1986 New Member

    I went to two Supper Walmart's yesterday (3/1/2012) and was told by both the Cell Phone Store Managers not to espect the phone in the Walmart Stores until sometime in May 2012! They had no idea on what the price would be. I also had emailed Straight Talk on 2/24/2012 and got a reply back that the release date was 2/20/2012, four days earlier so they don't have a clue either. If anyone finds out more PLEASE post-------:confused:
  10. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

    Please tell me your kidding, now its MAY??? Seriously?? Its crap like this that makes me want to change providers. This is BS, its sad when THE COMPANY doesn't know when their releasing their own phone. I really dont like my precedent and I dont want to be stuck with it for another 2 months.
  11. carolinagirl02

    carolinagirl02 New Member

    I called and emailed Straight Talk today and they said that the phone has already been released on Feb 21st. And depending on the largest response is where they are offering the phones. I asked to be able to order one from them over the phone and they said i would have to provide a zip code that the phone is available in on their website. I live in Nashville TN one where the reserve says that the phone is offered but not able to pull up. Can everyone that reads this go to straighttalk.com and see if there zip code offers the phone and tell us what that zip is. Because for some reason Straight Talk doesn't know, they tell me just to try zip codes. I sure wish they would let their customer service know and email us like they should.
  12. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

    Well I email straight talk today and they said that their 2x would be available 2 weeks after it was "released" idk why it works like that but I guess that means it'll be ready March 7th. Hopefully :confused::confused:
  13. Gaston39

    Gaston39 New Member

    Is the lg optimus 2x even coming out with straight talk? I am going crazy trying to find out a release date.... I just want to buy it already. If it doesnt release soon, i might just have to stop using straight talk. Is there any way someone can let me know when it will be available for online purchase? I have been using straight talk for nearly 2 years now, i think you owe it to your customers to be honest. AS SOON AS THEIR REPLY IS RECEIVED, I WILL POST IT!
  14. techsavvy72

    techsavvy72 New Member

    Hello fellow AFers, I am a new member here and love Android!
  15. techsavvy72

    techsavvy72 New Member

    Dear fellow AFers,

    Patience is the key here. Anxiety will not speed up ST's release date for its new LG OPTIMUS 2X. Considering how fast a year goes by these days, May is just right around the corner.

    ST have already given you three options to play with:

    1. Buy one of its current phone offerings.
    2. B.Y.O.P. - Bring your own phone.
    3. Reserve your LG OPTIMUS 2X at http://reserve.straighttalkandroid.com

    What more can you ask of them?

    Even Apple won't tell you when its new iPad or iPhone is coming out. They have a set date to when they make such announcements. But Apple is a much bigger company with a HUGE fan base, following, or cult--whatever you want to call it.

    The reserve feature allows ST to forecast demand better. This helps them to control costs and to have the phones available to you on the supposed release date--without letting demand exceed the units available for purchase.

    If you haven't already done so and are interested in purchasing the LG OPTIMUS 2X, sign up now.

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  16. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

    This "reserve" feature is from what I can tell nothing more than an email alert for when the phone is "released" and after all this, I don't know what they mean by that anymore. I didn't pay for anything to be reserved specifically to me when the phone is in walmart so you can't call it a reservation.
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  17. EditWiz

    EditWiz Member

    Given these three options that ST has given us to play with, are we assuming that all of the frustration being voiced in these forums (not to mention the frustration NOT being voiced by typically patient people like myself who saw ST's announcement of the LG Optimus 2x and Optimus Black in January) is coming solely from current Straight-Talkers or Straight-Talker wannabes? I would guess that many of them, like me, are currently under other prepaid (or postpaid) plans and are ready to upgrade their phone, but they have held off upgrading with their current provider because they are waiting on ST to release the LG Optimus 2x and Optimus Black.

    Techsavvy72, are you affiliated with ST or do you have an "in" with them? (I apologize for asking if you are not affiliated with ST, but the wording of your first post, and the fact that you provided the link to their Reserve website twice, indicates that you might be.) Is not releasing these phones until May a real possibility?
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  18. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

    The whole reason I started this thread is because I've never been with a phone provider that was so in the dark about their own phone releases.
  19. optimus2x

    optimus2x Member

    I totally understand your frustration which is why i am just going to buy an Iphone 4s and use it. I'm tired of waiting for this company to get off their butts and make a decision. I figure after i get my Ipone the stupid ST company will release the optimus so I can either like my apple or sell it? who knows I sure dont.
  20. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

    I have my old xperia play from verizon, can I put a straight talk sim in it? (probabily not).
  21. cforbes

    cforbes New Member

    It looks like the reserve page for the Optimus 2X is gone and replaced with the Optimus Q which has been out for some time. Is that just me or is it the same for everyone else?
  22. WAR PIG

    WAR PIG New Member

    Yes it has been replaced whitch hopefully means it will be out sometime today!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

    I'm going to Walmart today to check and see if they have it. Can't wait to be disappointed again............
  24. androidfear93

    androidfear93 Well-Known Member

  25. optimus2x

    optimus2x Member

    well Androidfear93 if you really want to be disappointed look at the reviews from others on the t-mobile website about the G2x which is the same phone that straighttalk is releasing , it isnt good. :(

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