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  1. light touch

    light touch Member

    Hello Folks, I am having trouble with my Ringtones and Notifications music files. Or more precisely the Ringtones and Notifications location on the Phone.

    Now I know about the folders:
    - audio
    -- ringtones
    -- notifications
    -- alarms
    Ringtones and Notifications that are causing the trouble are not in any of those folders.

    Ringtones and Notifications that are causing the trouble are located somewhere else on the phone and I cannot find them to deal with them.
    Any ideas please.

    [Not rooted. SDCard unmounted]

  2. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    Do you mind me asking, how did they end up on the phone in the first place?
    Would you happen to know what are the files name or extensions?

    If so, you could easily find them using stock file explorer, My Files.
    Open the app drawer, look for My Files. Open it up, and select ALL FILE folder.
    Then use the capacitive menu button (on the left side of the Home button) to and go for Search.
    Type the file name or extension (mp3) and it will list whatever mp3 you have on your device. You can then long press the file and use MOVE to place it in the folder of your choice.
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  3. light touch

    light touch Member

    Its a new phone...with the SIM from my old phone.

    [late edit - solved]
    I have hunted hi and lo for these mp3s using both ES File Explorer and now your suggested method using the My Files app.

    I see these files when I am in Contacts>Ringtone>Complete action using>Media Storage.
    I suspected the names are old legacy names not what the filename says today.
    They are picking up an old Tag name instead of Filename.

    Files since exported to PC, cleared tags, and copied back to Ringtones folder.
    All is well now. I am happy again.

    @SebaKL, thanks for your clear and concise instructions on how to use the My Files app.
    That was a great help to me.

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