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[Solved] USB Mount Drive Fail - CM9

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  1. David56543

    David56543 Well-Known Member

    cannot mount the USB drive, using cm9 fxp130. is there a fix to this problem?

    EDIT: fixed. didn't have "MTP" ticked in the storage settings. those who have trouble go to settings>storage click menu button and hit usb connection and select Media Device or "MTP"

  2. Del1701

    Del1701 Well-Known Member

    Glad you got it working, how's the rom?
  3. David56543

    David56543 Well-Known Member

    Worst ROM ever, so unstable i removed it within 1 day. way to many bugs, cm10 is no better either. I would stick to advanced kernel with stock ICS rooted. I wont be changing roms no more as they are not worth the bugs.

    I'm just doing some battery life testing with the stock ics rooted kernel and just stick with that probably, I'm only going to be flashing kernels from now on :)
  4. Del1701

    Del1701 Well-Known Member

    I'm not to much of a fan of custom roms, I always end up going back to stock lol
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