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  1. tech165

    tech165 Member

    One thing I've noticed about my Rezound is the lack of certain UI animations. These included the upward transition from the bottom of the screen when pressing the menu button, the fading transition when opening and closing applications, and the sideways transition when advancing through an application such as from the the main messages screen to a specific thread or from the main settings screen to specific sections. The menu transition and sideways transition have been standard on most android phones for a while and the fading for applications has been on Sense phones for a while as well. A newer transition, which I was really looking forward to, that is not present is the flipping of the screen when switching between portrait and landscape.

    On other phones, like my Droid Incredible, I could go under display settings and toggle animations between all, some, and none. There is no such setting on the Rezound that I can find.

    It's a small issue, but when being accustomed to these animations it's really annoying not to have them. So please respond saying whether or not you have noticed this as well, also if you have any solutions.

    Thanks :)

  2. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    I don't recall any of those animations on my Thunderbolt. I can do without the animations if it means less processing power being used on them.
  3. tech165

    tech165 Member

    Sorry for posting again but I've been viewing the responses of others on these forums for about 2 years and this was the first time I decided to post a thread. Everyone seems very friendly and I would really love some more responses to just confirm that others notice this as well and to see if anyone has a solution. The lack of certain UI transitions was the first thing I noticed when i picked up the display model in the store before purchasing my Rezound. I'm surprised that nobody else has mentioned this as well because its extremely noticeable and annoying.
  4. kishin14

    kishin14 Well-Known Member

    If you want animations, you can simply download spare parts from the market. It's free. It has options to turn on window animations and transition animations (as well as vary the speed of these animations). It also has great battery monitoring functions and other cool stuff.

    I've read that HTC phones don't have some animations, such as when you go from portrait to landscape (like my former moto phones did). Just just go from protrait to landscape abruptly. I can certainly live without it. Honestly, I didn't even notice it until I read a review that mentioned it. But like I said, try spare parts. I think it'll cure most of your non-animation blues.
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  5. tech165

    tech165 Member

    Thanks for your input. I installed spare parts plus and turned on the animations. The phone feels like it runs slower but at least I know I can have the animations if I want. I decided to uninstall because the phone just feels better without the extra animations. Maybe if they put them back into the stock software in an update they will be more smoothly integrated but I now realize I can definitely do without :)
  6. kishin14

    kishin14 Well-Known Member

    Did you set the window and transition animations to fast? I found the normal speed a bit slow myself. Regardless, glad I could help.
  7. tech165

    tech165 Member

    Yeah I tried fast and it was still kind of laggy. At this point I just prefer everything nice and fast, but if HTC put it into an update I'm sure it would be butter smooth so I'll stick without the animations until then.

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