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  1. shavald

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    Jul 25, 2010
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    Just got my Nexus 10 on the weekend and overall happy, but noticed a few things and not sure if common with this model or just my unit.

    1. The screen shows every finger print, smudge, etc. from regular use. Is this common or does it get better. I have not put any screen protector on it so far, but have not noticed this with other tablets.

    2. When I was looking at the complimentary magazine issue that was preloaded on the unit, there was a lag when I "turned" the page, as it had to keep loading it. This was even though I had downloaded the magazine to my tablet.

    thanks for any comments or suggestions

  2. Atma

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    Dec 26, 2011
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    Hi shavald :ciao:

    Not much you can do about fingerprints except wipe them off.

    The magazines, I only looked at one a short time. I can't remember if it was laggy or not. You might try going to developer options and checking force GPU to render 2D.
  3. sikclown

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    Nov 21, 2009
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    1: This is common with any touch screen device. Some are worse than others but Oleophobic coating (No clue if the Nexus has this or not; I don't think so) only does so much to stop the oils from our fingers from smudging everywhere.

    2: The speed in which it loads pages is based on your Wifi connection and speed. Before you open a Magazine in the Magazine up Press the Push Pin and wait for it to fill up with blue (it is downloading the magazine). This will stop it from downloading the page everytime you turn it to the next one.

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