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  1. jlheureux

    jlheureux Member

    I have close to 1,000 contacts synced to my Gmail account.

    Using the dialer app (bottom left icon), they all show up if I select the icon labelled Contacts on the top. I can view and edit any of them.

    But if I use the Contacts app (bottom right icon), only the first 50 or so contacts are accessible.

    The same behavior happens if I select those two apps from the Apps Screen. I suspect that an app or a data file is corrupted.

    Is there a way to shut down and restart the Contacts app? Powering down or removing the battery has no effect. :confused:


    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    Try clearing the apps cache and rebooting.
  3. jlheureux

    jlheureux Member

    I stopped the running app called CacheService in the Contacts section and rebooted. Same problem, only the first 50 or so names show up.

    The problem app is called Contacts and it does not show up in the apps list where I also see options to clear the caches.

    Did you mean something else?


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