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    I have written an application, and in this application I can send a notification to users. In the first version, there were no problems. Then I made revisions with the same key, and I began experiencing problems.

    Some devices no longer receive any notification, and one of these devices is my device. Later, I discovered that my device and others are no longer accepting any notification from GCM service, even though I put the new version of my app with GCM along with the new key or any app has GCM.

    This problem has been reported to me by others who have updated to the new version of my app .
    But some users who updated the application works with them without any problems. I mean for some users, the app continues to work correctly.‏

    Why has this problem arisen? How I can solve it ?

    In fact, I solved this problem by doing format to my device, How I can solve this without do format , because now big problem every person has same this problem must do format to his mobile , please I need solve this problem without doing format .

    ‏Today I noticed some devices who was working before without any problem today got same problem ( not receive any notification )

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    Any one Can help me ?
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    please help me
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    Here I find another solution , When I download ( SuperVPN ) and I run it I can receive notiification from GCM but if SuperVPN off I can't receive

    I think there is a firewall

    please help me .
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    Did you re-register their devices in GCM from your app?
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    Yes .

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