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Some games not working on lt18iSupport

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  1. thermalzombie

    thermalzombie New Member

    Hi I have a android xperia arc s lt18i and some games wont work they seem to crash after the loading screen.

    My phone runs.
    Android 2.3.4

    Games that are not working

    Fruit ninja
    Drift mania lite

    Games that are working

    Style me girl (too bad dont want to play it)
    Tic tac toe

    I was going to contact the developer but dont no how.

    Also I am running an app called big font that makes some of the font bigger could this be responsable.

    Thanks for any replys

  2. peterb23

    peterb23 Well-Known Member


    The phone usually runs on android 2.x unless you've updated it to android 4.0 . Version 3.x was meant to be for tablets.

    Not sure about the other games but fruit ninja worked fine on mine when I had it installed.
  3. thermalzombie

    thermalzombie New Member

    Sorry your right I was wrong I updated the info I have version 2.3.4
  4. peterb23

    peterb23 Well-Known Member

    Ok. When my phone was running 2.3.4 there was no problem with fruit ninja. Maybe try a reinstall or get rid if the app you think is causing the problem.
  5. syahipul

    syahipul Member

    Try unmounting your mmory..and mount back..

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