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  1. liquidtopaz3

    liquidtopaz3 New Member

    Hi, I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I just bought a Huawei U8230 this afternoon and have had a couple of issues with it. My questions I'm thinking are probably quite simple, but I don't have the time too google them properly or look through the forums for similar questions. So they are:
    1. The phone looks like it keeps turning off (as in the screen goes off). I know it isn't fully off as I haven't done the press on button > menu > turn off, but shouldn't the phone reactivate with just a touch of the screen or press of a button? I don't like having to press the power button constantly, I'm worried it will wear out/jam quickly.
    2. I had $18.99 of pre-paid Telstra credit today. When I first got this new phone working, I went on the internet to check if it would work. I logged onto Facebook, found that yes, it was working, so then I quit it. But then I kept getting text messages saying my credit was under $4.99, then under $1.00 and now I have no credit left at all. I looked at my History and re-confirmed with a Telstra consultant, who said that the system indicated I was still on the internet on my phone, and had been for about 23 minutes, hence why I'd been charged over $16. This is ridiculous as I'd quit the internet so I wouldn't be charged.
    So I'm wondering even though I seem to have quit it, why was it still running? How can I avoid this situation again?

    Sorry if these are stupid questions. Thanks for taking the time to read them.

  2. olskool

    olskool Well-Known Member

    First q. The phone is set to " sleep" after a set time and don't worry about it. If you want longer up time, adjust in settings/ display. I use 2 min to save battery.
    Second, you need to force stop the app that puts you on net as soon as yer done. An app killer will work but still runs while awake. Go to settings/ applications/ manage/ running find it choose it and force stop.
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  3. liquidtopaz3

    liquidtopaz3 New Member

    Thank you olskool.
    I've done as you've said and set the timer to 2min however sometimes when I'm texting it keeps shutting off.
    It's annoying that the phone didn't come with a proper, lengthy guide.
    Also, I'm guessing the phone's only compatible with PC? My Mac isn't doing anything with it :/
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  4. olskool

    olskool Well-Known Member

    Contact phone mfr and they will send you one free via snail mail if you have a physical address or you can download. That's what I did.

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