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some help would be amazing right now.Support

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  1. Sotoboy

    Sotoboy Member

    ive been on here all day trying to get help to no avail. will someone help? PLEASE? im getting frusterated. all i want to know is how to make a nandroid backup step by step, and how i can get roms working on my phone.

    ALSO! do the lg ally ROMS work on the shine plus? from my understanding its essentially the same phone.

  2. dasanman69

    dasanman69 Well-Known Member

    Are u rooted? What method? For a nandroid back up on permanent root you needed to flash SPRecovery in order to make a nandroid backup. If you rooted using a app or one click method you have to flash SPRecovery with ROM manager but it doesn't last. To make the backup you have to boot into recovery and the nandroid backup option will be there. Choose it and it'll automatically do it.
  3. Sotoboy

    Sotoboy Member

    z4 root and what? i understand nothing about flashing

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