Some music album art not show up?Support

  1. Starkaiser

    Starkaiser Member

    I did find/search music album art for every music in my library and now, when I transfer them to the phone card. some songs doesn't have album art still. However, when I connect my phone to media go and select the song that has album art missing, it show the album art in media-go program normally.

    I wonder is there a way to fix this problem? Does anybody ever have problem on album art missing?

    (I have check the art that I use for album, nothing wrong with it. similar size with other and it is jpeg)

  2. Starkaiser

    Starkaiser Member

    So nobody have this problem at all?

    RAND0M1ZER Well-Known Member

    Make sure all id3 tags are in v2.3 otherwise it won't work. It fixed some issues I was having although your problem sounds different.
  4. Starkaiser

    Starkaiser Member

    Sorry I m a bit new to android phone. what do u mean by id3 tag? and v2.3?
    my media go is newest version atm.
  5. 0verkilled

    0verkilled Member

    I had the same problem with my X10 mini.
    Not all album arts work in your media player. Install Album Art Grabber from Market, it will search the album art online and lets you apply. This is the best solution I know.

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