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Some noob F6 QuestionsSupport

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  1. The 4lpha

    The 4lpha Member

    Hey, so I just got my LG Optimus F6 (Metro PCS) last night and activated it (just switched from LG Motion 4G), and I have a couple questions.

    1. I cannot move the app drawer icon. It is locked on the bottom right slot of the icon dock on the home screen. The other icons can be moved, but when I hold down the icon for the App Drawer, it doesn't even go into the home screen edit mode (Where you can move apps, delete them from home screen, etc.) I was able to move it on my LG Motion, so I found this odd... Is there any way to move it? (Note: I'd prefer to keep stock launcher, if possible.)

    I want the two icons circled in red to be switched.

    2. A really cool feature on this phone is the Wi-Fi calling, however, since the moment I turned on the phone, it has a red icon at the top that says "REG09 'Missing 911 Address'". How do I fix this? (remember I'm with Metro, not T-Mobile).

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    1) Try moving the contact icon - all the wway to the right. (Drop it on the app drawer icon. That may shift things over. Then you play the 15-puzzle game to make the icons go where you want.)

    2) Call Metro - I believe that's part of the account provisioning.
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  3. lucasmun09

    lucasmun09 Well-Known Member

    To my knowledge.... The app drawer icon is "stuck" on the right bottom corner.... Unless you decide to download a custom launcher and 101 other things along with it.... Whats wrong with the placement of the app drawer? :smokingsomb:
  4. The 4lpha

    The 4lpha Member

    I've tried moving the icons over top and to the far right, no luck. :/

    And ok thank you, I will call Metro!

    And there's nothing 'wrong' with the placement of the App Drawer, I'd just prefer it centered, like on all the other android phone's I've seen/owned.
  5. stirfe

    stirfe Member

    You can download ADW or Nova launcher to move the icons and customize the look and feel.

    For WiFi calling you can disable it if you're not gonna use it, but I think you can also call a number they give you when they notify you about it not having emergency calls. I decided to turn mine off just so I didn't have to mess with anything.

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