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  1. AlanB1976

    AlanB1976 Well-Known Member

    Hey all
    I'll send a text (sms) which gets received perfectly by the other party but my Galaxy s2 will show a "draft" notification next to that user that I just sent to. It will only go away if I send another text to that user. This only happens occasionally but is irritating because I think that they have not received it yet, which they do. Is there any way to rectify that?
    I also have delivery report set but don't get any reports. If I show message details, it says that a delivery report has been requested, but I never get anything. Any ideas with this? At the moment I got no way of knowing if the text gets through.

  2. Wullie

    Wullie Active Member

    Delivery reports should come through as notifications rather than separate texts as on phones I've had in the past (and the notification will disappear if the phone is locked, which is quite annoying actually). Can't understand if they're saying 'requested' and the test has actually delivered though.

    Draft usually means you've entered something into the blank text field - if you send a text then accidentally click a letter, space bar or the enter key before you click out, it will appear as draft.
  3. ryan5307

    ryan5307 New Member

    Heheh...hi bro den is it possible to "not" let get to drafts bro? eheh..."p sorry but i jus bought my galaxy s2 a few days ago n still exploring its features eheh

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