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some troubles with my mini(2.1)Support

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  1. adi149

    adi149 New Member

    1. tethering(both usb and wifi) not enabled. rooting poses some risks.
    2. when i force stop the back up and restore the network is lost(vodafone). i have network after 15 seconds.
    3. text to speech-how to use it?
    4. voice recognition not enabled.
    5. music application reads all music in memory card, even the recordings that are by default saved in music folder in sd card.
    5. gps not working.never able to find my location.
    6. not able to read long email addresses in message application.
    if u have any suggestions plz respond quick. thanx

  2. adi149

    adi149 New Member

    gps working now though after many failures.
  3. adi149

    adi149 New Member

    whenever i update an application from the market, a message is displayed saying "low on phone storage". it disappears after an hour though.

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