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  1. Eggless

    Eggless Member

    This has been bugging me all afternoon...
    I was watching a video my sister had uploaded to Facebook of my niece crawling, and somehow I managed to do something that started a download to my phone.
    I can now watch this video whenever I want because it's saved to my phone but I can't for the life of me work out what I did to save it. I've tried tap and hold like you do for pictures.
    I've googled it and it's only come up with apps that do this.
    She took the video on her iPhone if that helps?? I'm only asking because it would be handy to show grandparents who have no internet if it's stored on my phone!

    If anyone has any idea what I did, please help!!

  2. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    Try to do it again with another video.
    Alternatively use Opera Mobile. I do and have no bother downloading videos from fb
  3. Eggless

    Eggless Member

    I have tried with other videos my sisters uploaded. It's just annoying that I obviously did something to make it save to my phone.
    I shall give opera a go then, thanks.
  4. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    Kewl. Opera is better and faster anyway. It will save you loads of time. Lol
  5. Eggless

    Eggless Member

    What a great bit of kit! Thanks so much!
  6. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    Anything for an Essex girl lol
  7. itsrijo

    itsrijo Well-Known Member

    Open the video link on opera it will get downloaded automatically... I've downloaded plenty of videos from Facebook using opera mobile

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