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  1. misscara

    misscara New Member

    Hi all. I have no idea how I managed this, but Facebook for HTC Sense isn't showing up anywhere and I wanted to sync my contacts and photos. I've been using the regular Facebook app and not the Sense version because I lost it somewhere along the way. I don't know if I can reinstall or if it's hiding somewhere. It does show up in "all applications", but it's not there in the "accounts and sync" menu. It also doesn't show up in my Fb Applications account when I log on through a computer. It only shows "Facebook for Android."

    I can't access an icon, I can't seem to access it at all. I don't think this is Froyo specific because I've had this issue since I got this phone (the week it came out).

    Anyone have any idea, short of factory reset, how to fix this? Really appreciate your help!

  2. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    Go to Accounts and Sync and then Click Add Account. It should be there. If it isn't are you rooted and using a custom ROM or are you Stock?
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  3. misscara

    misscara New Member

    Ah, I think that worked. Thanks, sikclown! I don't know why it didn't occur to me to try that. I guess I saw add account and figured it was just for adding more google accounts.
  4. sikclown

    sikclown Well-Known Member

    You are very welcome. And welcome to the Forums!
  5. jgalan14

    jgalan14 Well-Known Member

    wow you panic for a minute huh? welcome to the forums!
  6. ira9700

    ira9700 New Member

    Sorry hate to sound like a dumb noob but what is the difference beetween the facebook app and facebook sense which is which and what is what thanks for your patience
  7. AndreasLingos

    AndreasLingos Member

    Help !! Please!!!
    I need some help!!! anyone out there want to help out a noob ?? I recently rooted my phone and I noticed that I had two facebook apps so I deleted one of them thinking that it was a waste of space. Well I realized that the app I deleted was the htc sense facebook apk. I have tried to download it back through certain links and my evo will not allow the installation. I have been trying to figured this out for weeks.... Can anyone help out a noob?? I would greatly appreciate it, Im freaking out Thank You!!!
  8. Bendybod

    Bendybod New Member

    Hi all,
    As a new member I can't start a new thread so I'm putting my query on here in case anyone can help!
    My problem is I'm very technology shy so you'll have to bear with me.
    I have 2 Facebook accounts and suddenly I'm no longer able to log in to one on my phone, it keeps saying I've changed my password which I haven't. I can log on fine on my computer just not on my phone. Does anyone know what might be wrong? I've cleared cookies and so on, can this be a Facebook problem or one with my phone?

    I'd appreciate any help thanks.
  9. binxs

    binxs New Member

    If anyone could help me. For sine reason I can't seem to find the icon for Facebook HTC sense I have tried adding the account back but still nothing even though shows It's there in the all application sections I'm settings. If anyone could help me with this i would be so greatful
  10. Pinky92

    Pinky92 New Member

    Hi all, can someone please tell me how i can get facebook for htc sense because since i have got my htc I never had facebook for htc sense... can someone please help me get it :) thank you

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