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  1. Natford

    Natford New Member

    Hi there community,

    I have hit an impasse. No matter what I do I can't seem to find a (free) working podcatcher! I've tried four so far, and I will detail the problem with each.

    Google Listen: Although the developers (and other posters) tout it's ability to download and SAVE podcasts, it won't on my Android. Without being able to save I can't resume podcasts, and cant search through them for what I want to hear.

    Carcast: I got this after Listen and it was working great! It downloaded 2 podcasts from my site, I enjoyed them at my leisure, and it never worked again. I could re listen those podcasts, but even weeks later when I tried to download the casts it would say "0 new downloads" which I new to be untrue.

    By this time I was starting to lose it. Queries to the Google Gods returned nothing. It seems no other users are having any problems remotely like this with these apps. When it happened once I wasnt surprised: free apps, still in Labs etc. When it happened twice with an app that had gotten good reviews around the web, I was confused. Finally I decided to downloadAcast 2 Free.

    Acast 2 Free: Went through the basic startup process, selected my podcast, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it showed not only the most recent updates, but also about 70 previous ones. Things were looking up I thought. When I downloaded the first podcast I got an Exception Error: Error could not create media plater for: http:// etc.

    PLEASE HELP! I cant find anything on the internet about any of these plroblems. If anyone has any idea what's going on let me know! I'm using a Droid with firmware version 2.0.1.

  2. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    You mean save mid way through listening to them? Just spend the money and buy doggcatcher. Its really worth it.
  3. Natford

    Natford New Member

    If I had 7 dollars to spare I would, but trust me when I say that right now I cant afford that. Could someone with some technical knowledge maybe point me in the right direction? It's just amazing to me that all three of these apps have different and equally infuriating problems.
  4. allen099

    allen099 Active Member

    I also went through a few and seem to like Car Cast the most, as a free solution. I keep hearing great reviews about Doggcatcher too, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to shell out the $6 or $7 for it yet.
  5. CobaltDragon

    CobaltDragon Well-Known Member

    have you tried my-pod? Its free version does what you want, but is limited on the number of casts you can subscribe to. I liked it so much, I paid the $3 for the full version. None of the free ones worked well for me, either.

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