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  1. I_Need_Help

    I_Need_Help New Member

    hi i'm new to this forum and i need help with my android. it's a hauwei mytouch 4g and something is wrong with the phone. the battery wont charge and it can't be that it has a bad battery because the battery is new i just got it yesterday. if you turn the phone on while it's on the charger it will say it has 0% and if you take the charger out it will turn off, but if you turn it on while its not on the charger it will say how ever much percent the battery still has left (in this case its 6%) and if you plug the charger in while it's on, the battery icon will display as charging but it will remain at 6%. however if you leave it off the charger while it's on it will discharge but it wont charge back up. sorry for my bad english i'm young but does anyone have a clue to what might be wrong with my phone ?

  2. bhero

    bhero Well-Known Member

    Could be your charger
  3. I_Need_Help

    I_Need_Help New Member

    its not the charger either because i bought a new charger for my phone a week ago
  4. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello and welcome!

    Those issues you describe often are cause for an exchange or refund; but first you'd have to explain to a tech at the store or representative store where you purchased the device.

    I suspect the charging circuit itself, with a bit of a suspicion as to the condition of the contacts in the battery well and on the battery itself. I also wonder if the charging port on the device has any bent, damaged or dirty pins.

    Rubbing alcohol on cotton swabs can take care of debris and some minor corrosion, and a carefully placed small sharp object, with the device powered down, may aid you in straightening out bent pins in the port or in the battery well.

    The cable can be suspect, too. That is easy to test with a new cable, unless you don't need to having purchased a new charger presumably with a new cable.
  5. I_Need_Help

    I_Need_Help New Member

    Thanks for the welcome :) and i'm leaving the exchange or refund as a last resort. i don't know if it helps much but i didn't buy the phone i found it, but it was new when i found it. i also suspected the same thing with the charging circuit because i plugged another phones charger into mine and i think that's what messed it up. if that's what's wrong with the phone is it fixable? because i don't think the charging port has any debris on it since the phone is new. also, i don't think somethings wrong with he chargers cable since it charges my other phone fine

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