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  1. tarnisil

    tarnisil New Member

    Dear all,
    sometimes, once every 5-6 times, quite randomly, my phone only rings once then goes silent. I uninstalled any ring/profile/network related apps but still does that. It's very very annoying, since I am losing a lot of calls.
    Does anyone else experiences a similar problem?

    Thank you very much for any help,

  2. aceominous

    aceominous Well-Known Member

    Hi go to settings and then motion and uncheck the box that says turn over, what this setting does it mute the incoming call sounds when the phone is moved.
  3. tarnisil

    tarnisil New Member

    Thanks a lot, I'll try that. However, it appears to present the problem also when it is standing still on the table, so I don't think movement is involved.
  4. joefanelli

    joefanelli Active Member

    I do apologize for this most late response but I too had this problem and it was the ringer .ogg files meta data. Thanks to "siwahem" at XDA for this!

    - Download and install Audacity (
    - Open the ringtone file in Audacity, note you can use mp3/wav files as well, Audacity can convert them into OGG.
    - Select Open Metadata Editor for the File Menu
    - Add a new tag called ANDROID_LOOP and set the value to 'true'.
    - Click OK
    - Select Export from the File Menu and select the Save As Type format as Ogg Vorbis Files.
    - Click OK through File Save and Metadata dialogue window.
    - Copy the new ringtone file onto your phone, reboot and enjoy

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