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Sometimes Slow on UnlockSupport

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  1. justgrant2009

    justgrant2009 Member

    Hey Team!
    I got the Galaxy Note a couple weeks ago and absolutely love it! The only thing I'm running into right now is that sometimes, immediately after unlocking it, it seems slow to respond for a second. Example, I unlock it, then the home screen comes up just fine, then I try to swipe to pulldown my quick menu from the top, but it doesn't respond, so I try again, and wait, and eventually (maybe 4-5 seconds) it does the action and pulls down the menu. I have juice defender ultimate running, could this be interfering by trying to reconnect to everything once I've turned it back on?

  2. Hipsigti

    Hipsigti Active Member

    Check out the forum we have had a lengthy discussion on this subject easy fix check out my posts and the topic "will ICS fix this" hope that clears up your problem.

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