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  1. Aronmorg

    Aronmorg New Member


    I have a problem with my media player not recognizing song artist. The default media player that came with my Samsung Replenish wouldn't recognize the song artist, even though I have painstakingly went through all my songs and made sure that the properties were correct on every song. It recognizes all the properties on my laptop, but why not on the media player.

    I know some of the problem may be with downloaded music, but the truth is it's happening mostly from the music I ripped from my old cd's; which had all the correct data on it.

    I thought it was just a problem with the default player so I downloaded the "^3" (cubed) app, but it's having the same problems. Does anybody have any suggestions on what I can do to fix it.

    Note: I've went through and even cleared the properties and re-entered the song information, so that's no longer an option. ( I could purchase "Tune-in", but I doubt that will fix my problem. And I'm not willing to pay that kind of money.

    EDIT: The aforementioned songs without song artist, almost all are from CD's that I had previously and decided to digitize my media library and they all show the correct Album information on the media players. I'm just at a lost for why it doesn't show the artist info, yet shows album info.

  2. Little Darwin

    Little Darwin Well-Known Member

    I get artist information in the default player, and in Mixzing...

    I rip to MP3... what do you rip to?
  3. Aronmorg

    Aronmorg New Member

    I rip it to windows media player. But I didn't think that mattered. Does it? And I tossed most of the CD's so I can't and don't want to rip them all over again.
  4. Aronmorg

    Aronmorg New Member

    So I tried to find a way to get artist info from the default player and from ^3 but I couldn't find that option. So I'm going to try and download mixzing and see if I can get artist info that way.

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