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  1. jmoore93

    jmoore93 New Member

    Recently, the sound files on my phone stopped showing up in the phone's default Music app. When I go to My files > Media, the files are still there and can be played however. I was wondering what might be the cause of this?

  2. Pinmac1

    Pinmac1 Well-Known Member

    Strangely, I just came on to ask a similar question. I have some .m4a files that I recorded using the standard Voice Recorder app on my Note 3 to help me learn my choir songs. I can see them in the Sounds folder but they don't show in the list on the Voice Recorder app. Although those I've recorded since do. Can anyone help please?
  3. muhammad3010

    muhammad3010 Member


    Strangely I had the same issue with the Galaxy Note 10.1. The solution was just to remove the "Smart Voice Recorder" app I had installed and install it again.

    Hope it works with you,

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