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  1. NoTnIuQnAy

    NoTnIuQnAy Member

    Hi everybody, I am a new user of andrioid phones so please bare with me. I recently just purchased this phone and am loving it, but I do have a question in regards to its voice recording option. Does the Arc have such an option? And if so, I want to record and set personalized ringtones for incoming calls and sms alerts. Help is appreciated thanks.

  2. rchipman

    rchipman New Member

    I don't know if there is a specific app that comes with the phone but there are plenty to download for free in the Market.
  3. NoTnIuQnAy

    NoTnIuQnAy Member

    okay thanks, because it has two mics i figure it come with a recorder built in. Any recommendation as to which voice recording app to use?
  4. ru10500

    ru10500 Member

    I was using Tape a Talk, very basic and worked well. I have not been able to set any personalized ringtones on my arc. If you are able too, I would love to know how.

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