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  1. katihex

    katihex Member

    hi guys.
    I've been using my SE x10 for about one and a bit years. Recently about for three months, it has been randomly rebooting for no particular reason.
    On top of won't turn on at the moment.
    When i insert the battery and press the power button, there is a red light that blinks 3 times. When i plug it into the pc charge it flashes one red light every few seconds...but nothing is happening.
    Any suggestions?? i'm getting really fed up with SE

  2. arkangeluk

    arkangeluk Well-Known Member

    that just happened to me about two weeks ago. i was a week without my phone then i managed to get it fixed with the help with the guys from here. basically, use flashtool and try and put an older version of android on it (2.1) then use seus to flash the 2.3 rom onto it again. dont be afraid to try this two or three times to get it to work and youve got to remember that this phone was sonys first try at a smartphone ( i think, i may be wrong though). mine is almost two years old and has been subjected to some heavy use and abuse lol. i tried to fix mine because i didnt want to take it to some dumbo in a shop who would look at it and say nothing could be done lol. also i didnt want to face about eleven or twelve weeks without an android phone till my upgrade. check my other thread (phone not working) for any help.

  3. katihex

    katihex Member

    hi ric.
    I've just read your message. But i'm having trouble understanding how to get the flashtool..or even how to connect it to the PC.
    Could you please link me..or guide me through this?
    This would be VERY much appreciated...i'm really frustrated with my phone...

    With thanks, Kati
  4. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

  5. katihex

    katihex Member

    hi beau.
    I've successfully downloaded the bottom you have sent me... flashtool- (123,05 MB) -
    However, i can't find the 'firmware' folder... I have the flashtool but can't the folder..

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