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  1. sufy1000

    sufy1000 Active Member

    I'm thinking of buying this phone, any body else buying it?

    Can someones post the pros and cons as this is just a upgraded version of the Arc. Should I spend

  2. The-Stig

    The-Stig Well-Known Member

    I think the big pro is the improved processor, always a good thing, no? Apart form this and a few added bits of software the specs look the same.
  3. robham18753

    robham18753 New Member

    well my mrs took delivery of her Arc S yesterday and so far so good, have to say its much better than the previous Arc, i myself have the Lg Optimus 3D, And i bloody love it lol, the 3D games are ace lol
  4. kopkiwi

    kopkiwi Well-Known Member

    So anyone else got this phone? Impressions? Seems like a bloody well spec'd single core phone. Why not much interest?
  5. wastedagen

    wastedagen Well-Known Member

    I've just bought a midnight blue sim free arc s and love it. Only had it 3 days but no regrets. I came from a HTC Desire HD so not much off a change Android wise but a good improvement phone wise.
    My main reason for changing was because the htc HD camera was on the poor side. This is a big improvement there.
    Processor speed wise, again not much of an improvement but then again I didn't have an issue with a 1ghz CPU.
    I chose this over the Samsung Galaxy s2 because read people were having problems with over heating.

    Long story short, definitely worth buying..
  6. Longman240

    Longman240 Member

    Ordered it last night should be arriving tomorrow morning! Can't wait :)
  7. sobieski

    sobieski Member

    First of all I have to say that this is my first ever smartfone and....I dont get it! There is no speed dialling, you cannot delete a txt msg without deleting the entire thread (received/sent), you cannot set the phone not to store your sent msgs, you cannot delete a missed call so its on your desktop all the time, so every time you look at it it looks like you have a new missed call, you cannot do any settings to your bluetooth headsets (eg. to set it to automatically answer the phone), you cannot manage the phone from your laptop (eq no txt sending) and bunch of other smaller but shocking nono's! The most standard NOKIA phone has all those essential settings available. Am I missing something or looking in the wrong places to find the settings???
    This is not a phone its just a Multimedia gadget. Maybe thats just the way it is now?
    Anyone could advise on any apps to be able to send and manage the txt on computer via bluetooth?
    Good camera.
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  8. gqguan

    gqguan New Member

    1 - its battery seems not stand long enough. I need to charge it twice in one day;
    2 - the 1.4G processor feels hot in HD games.
  9. kopkiwi

    kopkiwi Well-Known Member

    Anything more to add to this phone?

    Can the HTC Sensation for about $60 more, worth it?
  10. peterb23

    peterb23 Well-Known Member

    Got mine this morning and I'm really impressed. The screen quality is fantastic.

    Haven't had much time to play around with yet but first impressions are very good.

    I'm upgrading from a 2 year old HTC Hero and chose the Arc S over the Samsung S2 mainly for it's looks.

    The best deal I found was with Dial-a-phone on a 12 month contract. With the cashback (if I get it!) it works out at just under
  11. peterb23

    peterb23 Well-Known Member

    You may have worked out some of these already but here goes anyway:

    You can add shortcut to any contact on any home page (press the menu button for options).

    You can long press on any message and the delete option will come up.

    Not sure on this one...

    If you access the call log in the phone system or just click on the missed call notification in the drag down box at the top - the missed call alert will go away.

    Yeah when I moved from my Nokia to my first smartphone I felt like there was a lot missing (Voice Dialling was what I missed the most). These smart phones are not aimed at business users IMO but the extra features more than make up for that with me and they just keep getting better with every release.
  12. teddymild

    teddymild New Member

    I just got arc s today, im unable to sign in google pop up state no internet connection but i can use browser. Also while charging screen become unresposive. Any one else experience this? Any solution for this? Thanks in advance.
  13. sobieski

    sobieski Member

    Hey Thanks for that.
    I managed to work most of the stuff out.
    Unfortunately no speed dialling. The phone also keeps connecting to the computer all the time, so I get about 10 opened windows. Dont know if its the laptop or the phone.
    Still miss txting from computer, but getting used to it...
  14. sobieski

    sobieski Member

    Check if you can sign in to your google account through a computer. Try also sign in through web browser rather than the gmail widget. If that doesn't work - i do not know.
    The screen shut-down is a bit worrying, so if you do not have some strange settings on (power save), or (forgive me) if the phone is not switched off, then I would contact the seller. Remember that it also takes some time for the phone to come back to life if the battery was completely dead.
  15. peterb23

    peterb23 Well-Known Member

    try downloading a new dialer from the market. I'm using "Go Dialer" which has t9 input and speed dialling.
  16. sobieski

    sobieski Member

    There is quite a lot of seed dial apps, but they are all not speed dials. You cannot use the old way of speed dialling - just press and hold the button from the phones keypad. For some strange reason all apps Ive looked at are working around that simple solution. The only quick dial is the voice mail. Really, really do not understand why does Android not allow speed dialling...
  17. peterb23

    peterb23 Well-Known Member

    Go Contacts EX does this. I've just tested it. Added a number to speed dial 2 and just long press "2" on the dial to call it.
  18. Empath

    Empath Well-Known Member

    ill be buying one. was going to go for samsung s2 but i love sony too much besides the specs on the phone are not bad at all, just worried about compatibility issues, will keep checking this forum
  19. Madsham

    Madsham New Member

    :D Got My Arc S last thurs 24th, upgraded (well tel a lie bought simfree) from SE X10, brill fone crisp clear and loud, major probs with X10 not loud enough when watchin movies, Arc S flies tru web pages and plays games with no lag, highly recommended, :cool:
  20. hkt

    hkt New Member

    Speed Dials on any home screen

    1 long press on home screen
    2 a menu will pop-up, select "shortcut"
    3 select "Direct Dial"
    4 your phone book will pop-up
    5 select the number you want to place on Home Screen
    6 now you can direct dial from that number icon on home screen
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  21. josephniet

    josephniet Member

    When plugged into my computer i also experience an unresponsive screen. This happened to me with a Wildfire S and Galaxy W too. I'm pretty sure it's just a grounding issue with your laptop, i know it is with mine.
  22. brit9

    brit9 Member

    I have had mine 4 days and I am really pleased with it.
  23. mzabota

    mzabota New Member

    all android-smartphones are like this one... you just need to learn to use andorid and then you will see, almoust everything is possible on this phone..

    instead of speed dialing, I prefer "favorite contacts" app. its very simple, works fast - very usable ;)
  24. VincentAnoid

    VincentAnoid Well-Known Member

  25. VincentAnoid

    VincentAnoid Well-Known Member

    A general bad point I can say about the phone that no one has mentioned so far is the camera shutter key. It's very fidgety to use because its so small and the phone is so thin. It would have been better if they put it further away from the side

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