Sony ericsson xperia arc, tranfering music to phone???Support

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  1. jakkimclaren

    jakkimclaren New Member

    Hi was wondering if some1 can hel just got new xperia arc and cannot recive music bluetooth and when a put a cd on my pc and try to tranfer it to my phone it comes up as unsuppored file can any1 help please it doing ma head in, had the xperia x10 and the music tranfered no bother but cannot recive it even from my old phone help lol x

  2. Rakeshsinha

    Rakeshsinha New Member

    hi, i also got xperia arc, there is no such kind of problem faced. Try once again. My real problem is I am a quality music lover, but quality of sound through headphone is very bad and below average. I am looking for the best media player if available in Android market which can enhance the quality of sound through Xperia Arc
  3. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    First rip the music from CD to your PC. Select mp3 format for that.
    Then transfer the mp3 files to the phone.

    The quality of almost any headset delivered with phones is under-performing.
    You are better-off to get quality headphones (like from Sennheiser).
    I use PowerAMP player for its features and quality.
  4. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Meridian is a good music Player.Like Usta said,better headphones means better music.AAC is a better format than MP3 .FLAC is the best .However FLAC takes too much space .PowerAmp is a nice player ,but I haven't used it.

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