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  1. shanelle

    shanelle New Member

    Hello All : )))
    Does anyone know how I can get Nintendo games onto my Sony Ericsson Xperia Play R800i? The 2 games I really want are Super Mario Kart and Donkey Kong! From what I can gather it is possible, but I just can't seem to figure it out for myself : S
    I have had a bit of a look and saw something about N64oid - however I don't think that is available anymore?! (Might I add that I don't know what N64oid was/did etc). And something else about a thing called an 'emulator'??
    If anyone is able to help me out that was be absolutely amazing!!! Please note that i'm not the most tech savy person.
    If it
    Thank you!! : )))

  2. Sprung

    Sprung Active Member

    A quick Google search for "n64oid" will tell you everything you need to know ;)
  3. Degga_D

    Degga_D Well-Known Member

    search for "slide me" on the browser in your xperia and install the market application.

    You can then get the Snesoid "Snes" and "GBAoid" from there.

    Search the forums for emulators and there's a full description on here. (doesn't have to be xperia specific).

    It's then just a case of running the ROMs
  4. darkalchemyxex

    darkalchemyxex Well-Known Member

    you can inbox me your msn id or aim id . i can direct you further.

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