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  1. samnellikode

    samnellikode Member

    I am such a noob when it comes to this. I just recently got an xperia x10i and i was wondering if i could use it with Koodo. I already have a phone with them but its crap because its a CDMA and i love the xperia so if anyone knows if it'll work or not, it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. stocker

    stocker Well-Known Member

    Koodo is Telus's low cost provider I believe. As long as Koodo supports the telus GSM network, then yes you can use your X10i. You just have to buy a sim card, and an unlock code for the phone. I use my x10a on Telus with no issues. The X10i actually has additional GSM bands above and beyond the X10a, so you are actually also able to sign up with wind mobile if you like.
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  3. samnellikode

    samnellikode Member

    Yea i was thinking about switching to wind mobile but then i have to pay of the stupid tab with koodo. So i wanted to wait till i have my tab paid off and then switch to wind... my phone is already unlocked so im gonna go get a sim card and test it out..
  4. samnellikode

    samnellikode Member

    so today i got the koodo sim card after a long wait and well it doesnt work on the phone or it yet has to get the signal.... im so sad :(
  5. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    how long your contract is?
    and how long left on it?
  6. samnellikode

    samnellikode Member

    its not the contract. its the "tab" thing.. i still have about 100 bucks left on it.. u mentioned that you have the x10a yea? whats the difference between the x10i and x10a?
  7. Hey, what was the outcome on this samnellikode? I'm a Koodo customer and I recently lost my LG Optimus One :):):):):)() and after a series of hysterical facebook posts about it, an extended family member who works for Sony Ericsson in Europe offered to go through his "junk drawer" (my words, not his) and fire a phone in the mail for me to use. He's out of town on business so we can't check definitively to know what's in there (he gets back over the weekend), so I don't really know what he's got to offer, but I'm thinking he's probably got an Xperia X10i model that would be the likely candidate. Did you ever get yours to work on Koodo or any other carriers? We don't have this Wind carrier that everybody's talking about where I live (the Maritimes). I hope to take my relative up on his offer because I've been reading about the Sony Ericsson Android phones and it's like there's a light at the end of the tunnel after losing my phone- I really need a smartphone for the contract work I do :/ I do quite like my carrier and I have a big balance left on my Tab for my Optimus, so if any of his spares will work for me it'd really make a big difference on my wallet.
  8. Sorry to double post but also- had you seen this link before? If you hadn't it might be helpful?

    Koodo Mobile - Non-Koodo Phone Data Setup
  9. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    Or hitting Menu button->Settings->Sony Ericsson->Software Download....that will download this information from your provider.

    But first select which carrier you want to connect to under Settings->Wireless->Mobile->Select Mobile Carrier.

    I don't think that guy tried too much and gave up quick. There should be no problems with Telus or Kodoo of an x10. Although I believe only the x10i...not x10a (which won't work 3G....probably just EDGE)
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  10. I'm worried about the x10a vs. x10i issue, I've lived abroad before and I know what a headache Euro vs. North American device models can cause :O

    What's EDGE? I don't really understand because I'm a dummy country bumpkin :/ I'm presuming it's a service that won't be offered to a redneck like me until it's already obsolete! ;)
  11. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    What are the differences between the X10i and X10a? - xda-developers

    It has to do with what frequencies they use.

    Your phone needs to connect to 2 bands to get a 2 way signal and good 3g speed. If it only connects to one, then it only gets 1 way connection and reduced speed.

    In North America is it pretty easy. If you have a x10i use Telus/Bell if you have a x10a use Rogers/Fido. Same in the States, they have both types of providers.

    In Europe I thought it would be the same. Half the providers might work, the other half won't. Anyone know anyone who has a working x10a and x10i in Europe?
  12. stocker

    stocker Well-Known Member

    i have an x10a on telus, everything works fine, 3g included.
  13. samnellikode

    samnellikode Member

    Im sorry for not replying soon enough guys.. I did try a lot with koodo and the xperia x10i. There was no way it would work because the x10i worked on different frequencies. So i switched to wind. Wind isnt that great of a provider, seeing as how i lose my signal quite often and i never get it back and their customer service is absolute shyt. Anyways i know every provider can support the x10 i besides koodo

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