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Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 (E15i) UnlockSupport

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  1. InnerPeace

    InnerPeace New Member


    Someone gave me a Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 E15i and I'm wondering how to unlock it. I was thinking that it's easy to unlock because unlocking an iPhone is really easy and free of charge most of the time. Is it also possible with Sony Ericsson phones specifically the Android-based ones?

    I did some research about the unlock code stuffs and a money must be used to use it but is there an alternative for that? Like is it possible to completely unlock a phone using a software and just the USB cable that comes with the phone?

    I badly need to use a different network on that phone. Please help me out.


  2. carlile

    carlile Member

    Try unlocking your phone through codes. It’s the simple and best and easiest way to unlock any mobiles. You can re-enter the codes again even if you entered it wrong since you have a certain number of attempts to enter the code. So its better to unlock mobiles using codes. You can get the codes from your service provider itself. If they fail to provide the codes you can go to other sources like online providers like Classicunlocking.com who provide the codes.
  3. gazza3010

    gazza3010 New Member

    hey i found this website which tells you how to unlock the x8 bootloader and also has a video, google 'technewsweekly2k12' i cannot post a link bcos i am a new user!
  4. xerostilz

    xerostilz New Member

    HELP! i've got the unlock code from my service provider but when I type it in I get unlock sim unsuccessful. My Xperia X8 is rooted and has GingerDX v025 rom on it. Will I need to unroot the phone and/or flash it back to stock rom in order to unlock sim network?

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