sony ericssons new xperia mini range will it be a overpriced dud or a small and mighty competitorGeneral

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  1. cooltaj5

    cooltaj5 New Member

    with a 1ghz processor, adreno 205 gpu, upgraded battery, bravia engine and many other features will it simply be too overpriced to take off. maybe even just no place in the market for such a small phone?

  2. Lizardroid

    Lizardroid Active Member

    I am actually quite excited about the new Xperia Mini. I think it's great that Sony has decided to continue with the Mini range.

    I believe the size could be a selling point for users who prefer portability and convenience. It's just perfect for biking and running. Besides I don't want my phone to look like another iPhone.

    More and more people these days are also using tablets as a complement to their mobile-phones so the size of their phone screen would not matter as much.
  3. TonyTheToast

    TonyTheToast New Member

    Having just had one given to me free to go with my
  4. *e*i*

    *e*i* New Member

    Hello All,

    Do you guys know the release date fot the Mini/Mini Pro?
    I've read in August...

  5. saugatdb

    saugatdb Member

    both mini & mini pro released in india. not sure about anywhere else.
    mini pro costs around INR 15200
  6. prawn_guevara

    prawn_guevara Well-Known Member

    Overpriced?! You can't be serious! I picked up mine from the carphone warehouse site for

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