Sony Google TV hack!

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  1. Apeman

    Apeman Well-Known Member

    OK... so I found out how to get into recovery mode on the Sony Google TV/BluRay player that was released yesterday.

    1.Have everything plugged into the unit except the power coord. Have the power coord in your hand.
    2.Press and hold the power button and plug the unit in.
    3.Continue to hold down the power button for 3 seconds after plugging it in, then release the power button.
    4.Wait a couple of seconds and it will say Sony, then you will see the recovery screen.
    5.After it loads, press and hold the connect button on the unit. Then follow the directions at the bottom of the screen (Press and hold ALT+ENTER) for 8 seconds/until the bottom message changes. It will change back to it saying that you have to press the CONNECT button, but your remote IS connected.
    6.You can now press the numbers assigned to the commands!

    WARNING: This could possibly brick your unit and could possibly void your warranty. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your device.

    I am going to work on trying to find working drivers and I am going to try to use the Android SDK Tools to install some applications, or at the least try to execute some shell commands. Hopefully we can root it!

  2. Apeman

    Apeman Well-Known Member

  3. I hope the driver thing works, getting a USB tuner to work on this would be most excellent!
  4. Apeman

    Apeman Well-Known Member

  5. Nice. I will be watching this over at xda for sure. Thanks Apeman.
  6. kelalba

    kelalba New Member

    So any luck on connecting to SDK or installing an App :) I am sure many are dying to get a head start. . . .
  7. alishaneuron

    alishaneuron Member

    Thanks! :) Apeman to share this one interesting video.
  8. marcushall

    marcushall New Member

    I have the Google TV built into the SONY TV.

    Do You know how to get into the Menu on this device?
  9. lschroeder

    lschroeder New Member

    Same question for me? I need to boot into recovery for the new root!

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