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Sony Smart Watch

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  1. MrMister

    MrMister Well-Known Member

    Although its a Sony, I'm planning on using it with my Samsung S3 as its Android.

    Has anyone got one? I've got one, which has arrived, but I don't get until my birthday soon.

    So I've read reviews, it seems to have got better now with a few firmware updates - has it?

    Is it just a gadget that you oooh and ahhh over,and then never use?

    Any good apps/widgets for it?

    Hows battery life in real use? How does your smartphone compare battery life wise, as will have to keep Bluetooth on all the time, I always switch mine off.

    How is it on a non Sony smartphone, for music etc, thats what I think I'll mostly use it for, e.g. wired headphones on, phone in pocket, control from smart watch. Would this control Google Play Music app for streaming?

    Anything I should do/get/add.

    Any other tips from current users, or people who have used in past and maybe got rid of and why.


  2. archie2000

    archie2000 Member

    any reviews on this?
    thinking of getting one
  3. probbiethe1

    probbiethe1 Active Member

    I bought a sony liveview when it first came out which is the first smart watch sony came out with. And to tell you the truth I have been happy with it sense day one. The experience and plug ins have gotten a lot better as time has gone on but it is a pretty sweet device so I bet the new sony smart watch is even better.

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