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  1. JasonC

    JasonC Well-Known Member

    I got my Sony SmartWatch yesterday and so far it's working pretty good with my One X, anyone else got or planning on getting one?


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  2. Maseroche

    Maseroche Member

    I'm planning on getting one just as soon as it's available here. Thanks for your review.

    EDIT: ordered it through Clove Technologies so waiting for it to get here.
  3. JasonC

    JasonC Well-Known Member

    I've been using it a couple of days now so here is a mini review:

    1. There aren't many apps available for it yet but, some of the ones that are available are pretty good, such as Endomondo Sports Tracker, Music Player, Phone Battery Level Widget, Mode Changer (Changes to silent, vibrate, normal), call handling, calendar notifications.

    2. Everything so far is working fine with the One X. When I spoke to Sony at mobile world congress they said some things might not be compatible with other phone makes but, so far so good.

    3. It loses connection to the phone rarely, the only times it does is when you say fold you arms and cover the watch, and while your phone is in your back pocket, the signal obviously get's lost through your body mass, and no I'm not fat! I was walking around the house with it on with my phone kept in one room and it worked great.

    4. The screen can be switched on by either pressing the button on the side or by double tapping the screen, however, I think the screen timeout delay is a little short, I would have liked a few more seconds added on and you can't change this in the settings currently.

    5. The LiveWare app is pretty easy to use, you need to install this on your phone first before you can install apps on the watch. With this app you can enable/disable apps/widgets, you can also re-arrange the position of these on the watch screen. You can also adjust settings for certain apps.

    6. The strap that comes with the watch is pretty comfy, I hardly know the phone is on my wrist after a while, it's very light.

    7. The battery has only been charged once and it lasted up until today after the first charge so, about 48 hours so far and it has had quite a bit of use.

    8. The screen is very sensitive and there is not much lag when using apps that need to access the phone, in fact it is a lot quicker than I was expecting, it's quite a seamless experience. A higher resolution screen would have been nice but I'll expect that in the next version, and maybe a bit bigger with a smaller bezel but, in general it looks quite smart on the wrist, especially at night as the display lights up really well, much better than a normal watch with dodgy backlights!
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  4. Tomo1971

    Tomo1971 Well-Known Member

    What do you do with it? Nor seen this before.

  5. JasonC

    JasonC Well-Known Member

    Its basically a watch which allows you to control certain functions of your phone without holding your phone. So for instance when I go out biking I can view details of my workout and even pause, start, stop the workout from the watch while the phone is kept in my bag. The sport tracker app I use is Endomondo.
  6. MDbandit

    MDbandit Well-Known Member

    is there a way to keep the time ON all the time? like a regular watch lol?

    i have to double tap just to see the time?

    also, what is the equilvalent to a home button? Like i'll be looking at my messages,but want to go "home" so i can select another app. How do i do that?
  7. JasonC

    JasonC Well-Known Member

    No it's not always on, but I haven't found it a problem to either double tap or press the side button. To go 'Home' you just pinch the screen, a bit like when you pinch on the HTC home screen which then brings up the multiple screens.
  8. MDbandit

    MDbandit Well-Known Member

    thanks, i finally figured that out
    i just tap the screen with 2 fingers and it goes back

    love the feature of seeing who's callin on my wrist
    they give you the option of hanging up, but not to answer?
  9. JasonC

    JasonC Well-Known Member

    It seems that the answer option is the one feature not supported so far :( I'm not too bothered about this though because I still need to interact with my phone anyway to take the call, whereas with the reject or silence option you don't need to, so it's still very useful.
  10. Hulx

    Hulx New Member


    I've got one this week and I use it for running. Endomondo app works really fine with old HTC Hero and SmartWatch connected.

    The only thing I hate is when you have to constantly switch on the screen to see average pace or distance. There should be some kind of runners screen mode to turn off the screen time out! Hope in next firmware versions it will!!
  11. JasonC

    JasonC Well-Known Member

    Yes or even have the option of changing the time out per app in the LiveWear settings.
  12. aldovisini

    aldovisini New Member

    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but does anyone have any experience of using a Motorola Defy+ with the Smartwatch?
    I'm looking for a new phone around $300NZD and I heard the Defy+ won't let the media player work which is a dealbreaker...
  13. techker

    techker Well-Known Member

    same here..i just got the watch and i have a sgh-t989d
    galaxy s2 x from telus..

    it works when the app does not crash..

    but anybody find a way to open the smartwatch app once it is closed?no icon and in the app list only force stop and uninstall...
  14. FeedbakBWR

    FeedbakBWR Well-Known Member

    How is this watch when outside I hear from a lot of reviews that it is not readable in sunlight?
  15. youngnex

    youngnex Well-Known Member

    I know im reviving this thread but, lol i love my smartwatch. One of the best devices ever. It works if you have a Bluetooth headset. The only other way is if they fix it to be compatible or you have a sony xperia.
  16. FeedbakBWR

    FeedbakBWR Well-Known Member

    What do you mean fix?

    I am getting one over the holidays...:D

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