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  1. omranot

    omranot Member

    Hi please I need to know what are the main problems with the ICS upgrade with Sony arc S phone. (like battery life, speed, wifi .....).
    PLZ, I need numbers comparaison of gingerbread and ICS

  2. mathuisje99

    mathuisje99 Member

    For me ICS is an UPdate, it is faster now, because ICS kills apps automatically if there is little ram memory. My quadrant benchmark is really bad but i think it comes because of my launcher
    (TSF Shell). I can play games like frontline commando etc. Only MC3 and asphalt you can't play without any lag. I'm very happy with the update.

    If i was you i would do an update.

    Sorry for my bad english, i'm dutch.
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  3. omranot

    omranot Member

    Thanks for your reply it's very helpful. Please I need to know more about the batterie life ; is it better or worse than the Gingerbread version. Do you recommend upgrading the phone using sony companion ?? (cause a lot of people are saying that this way of updating is making trouble and lagging)

    Don't worry about your english ; what's important is that I've understood everything. Thanks again :D

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