Sony Xperia P vs HTC Desire X

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  1. sooojaded

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    Mar 5, 2013
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    Hello all,

    I've been trying to decide between the Sony Xperia P and the HTC Desire X for weeks. Both smartphones are $0 on contract.

    I've been leaning towards the Xperia P because its specifications are significantly better, but the battery life seems to be a concern from what I've researched on. But there seems to be a multitude of ways that can increase the battery life of Xperia P.

    Comparing their battery capacities, 1305 mAh on Sony Xperia P seems to be significantly less than 1650 mAh on HTC Desire X, but in real world usage, how different will it be? Would anyone care to share their experiences on either phone, especially their battery usage?

  2. mohit9206

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    Feb 6, 2013
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    battery life would be just as bad on desire x i believe. its better to go with xperia P. or you could wait for Xperia L which soon sony is going to launch and its got a big battery and low price

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