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Sony Xperia Ray, Ice Cream Sandwich.Support

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  1. bandarman

    bandarman New Member

    Hi everyone, today is my first day using an android phone (2.3.3). Ive just begun the transition from an iPhone/Symbian Nokia. I started with the Sony Xperia Ray which is a phone i picked out without too much research, primarily on the basis of looks. I just had a couple of questions regarding this.

    1. Seems like I'm already getting a call for a software update, im not sure if this is from sony or my carrier but its giving me an option of upgrading to the Ice cream sandwich. Is this a good Idea with the phone's hardware profile (single core 1Ghz, 512 mb ram)

    2. Any ideas on how I can improve the battery performance. First day it took the phone off charge at 4.30AM, at 6PM ive hit 20%. I dont think ive used it that much though I have been placing in contacts and setting up a few apps...probably shifting between wifi and carrier internet off and on...

    3. Any recommendations on security apps? Are they needed/suggested? Like Lookout security/Kapersky/Norton?

    Thanks a ton guys! Looking forward to your ideas!

  2. DexTyler

    DexTyler Well-Known Member

    1. Yes, it's perfectly fine to update. I was not aware ICS was available just yet though.
    2. The battery will do that for the first few days while it adjusts. After that, it will last much MUCH longer (mine lasts almost 27 hours even after extensive web browsing).
    3. You really don't need any. All you have to do is install apps you know are safe and check the permissions they want (i.e if a game wants access to your contacts, there's something odd about it).

    Hope that helps.
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  3. bandarman

    bandarman New Member

    Hey Dex, thanks for the reply. I think I got a little overexcited and jumped the gun when my update window stated build 4.0, sadly its just another update on gingerbread. My bad. But I checked with the sony chaps here and they're expecting it late jan to early feb. :) sorry about that.

    27 hours! That is PHENOMENAL battery life. I hope mine can manage as much. wow!

    On another question, do I need to get one of them app killer apps to reduce the number of battery drain and possibly even keep my gps services off so as to stretch it that long?

    thanks again!
  4. DexTyler

    DexTyler Well-Known Member

    When it comes to GPS, have it off at all times unless you need to use it. ANd as for app killers, that's where it's abit of a grey area.

    From what I've heard, killing some apps doesn't help and actually causes you to use more CPU which means more battery drain.

    For example: Say you killed a weather app and about an hour later, it starts again and you kill it. And so on for the next few hours. It takes more energy having it start and stop all those times then it does just letting it run without being killed.
  5. bandarman

    bandarman New Member

    hmm, makes sense. Initially I had killed off the allow gps locations from the settings tab itself but now I've enabled it but don't have any app for maps/latitude or anything open. I might forgo the app killer for now. figure it out later I suppose.
    I have realized though, while reading app reviews such as facebook and skype that they dont always seem to work and skype in particular is quite a battery drainer! sigh!
    Am still curious about lookout and such for lost phones coz that is something that does tend to happen...
  6. Nale72

    Nale72 New Member

    You might want to check out McAfee WaveSecure for this (and more).
  7. dewilaz

    dewilaz New Member

    Hello guys.
    I didnt wan't to make new thread, so I ask question here:
    How to instal applications directly to SD memory card? Is it possible? Because now, all games ant apps goes straight to my phone memory which is almost full.
  8. bandarman

    bandarman New Member

    Well, I just moved it from "manage Applications" tab under settings onto the SD card. didnt bother getting a separate app. Interesting though, that the app sizes on the SD are much smaller than the ones shown when theyre on the internal memory. That probably means that its left something behind on the internal memory?

    Question - have you updated to Android 2.3.4? I have and ahave noticed that my animations are lagging a bit and that my phone doesnt turn off the screen the cool way it used to before the update. Amongst other things, I really miss that. Just wondering if I'm the only one out there.
  9. wilkinsi

    wilkinsi New Member

    I recently got myself a new Xperia Ray on contract. I have a question too: If I copy an app onto my memory card from my PC, the phone can't see it, thus I can't install an app unless I download it via the phone's internet explorer. Is there a way around this?
  10. neofactor.is3

    neofactor.is3 Active Member

  11. cellbull

    cellbull New Member

    You should try this one

  12. phemelomadiba

    phemelomadiba New Member

    um hi everybody. does anyone know if xperia ray will upgrade the option to make normal video call and also upgrading its HTML viewer? and again when its the android upgrade coming?
  13. Cryssie

    Cryssie Well-Known Member

    I don't know about the HTML and the videocall options.
    But SE did announce that the Ray too will get ICS. They are still working on it but it should roll out in the first months of 2012.
  14. androidfocus

    androidfocus Active Member

  15. kelbob

    kelbob Member

    i have just installed this update. its been installing for the last 3 hours is that normal. also do i need to be connected to wi-fi whilst this is working?:eek:
  16. androidfocus

    androidfocus Active Member

    I don't think that's the ICS update. It's not due yet.
  17. hbarad

    hbarad New Member

    i have xperia ray 2.3.4 android version and i have downloaded shadowgun.
    but after the entire game is installed and i start playing, the game keeps pausing automatically and menubar keeps on coming. Please help me with this!

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