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  1. aindriu80

    aindriu80 Member


    I recently bought a Sony Xperia TX on Ebay and while I really like the phone I found the whole internet thing to perform poorly.

    Basically some apps will connect and work fine, other times they don't and I either have to restart the app or wait for a bit until they eventually do work.

    The email client has been the worst, sometimes it just won't get emails for me and even when they are in my inbox they wont open as there is a 'connection error'.

    I just wonder is the phone just crap ? I have opened quite a few threads and got no real response, just check your WiFi settings (which are working and excellent).

    Any ideas ? I really would like to know what the problem is

  2. aindriu80

    aindriu80 Member

    its still not working
  3. weebnuts

    weebnuts New Member

    got mine yesterday, it seems to work fine, will let you know in a couple days.
  4. weebnuts

    weebnuts New Member

    I haven't setup the email client, I'm only using Gmail at the moment, but will give it a shot.
  5. aindriu80

    aindriu80 Member

    Gmail works very well.. I very rarely had any problems with it.
  6. tal_nav

    tal_nav New Member

    try to update it from play
  7. aindriu80

    aindriu80 Member

    from play ? do you mean the app store ? i don't think you can update the email client....

    i didn't get to check my phone the last few days but wanted to go through it and post screen shots of what is going wrong. Alas power and volume down don't take screen shots.
  8. BarneyJ

    BarneyJ New Member

    Hold down the power button for a second and on the menu that appears there is a "Take screenshot" option.
  9. ttccnn

    ttccnn Member

    I also got a tx from Taiwan.

    I insert the AT&T sim card to it. the wifi is good call quality is good, but there is no way to connect to the mobile networks....

    Has any one had same issue for the TX or T?

  10. Del1701

    Del1701 Well-Known Member

    With my T that I got a couple of days ago as soon as I put in my sim card I got a couple of texts through asking me if I wanted to install my operator settings which I did, and it worked straight away.
    Can you not call your operator and ask them to send through the settings?
  11. 10Pints

    10Pints New Member

    Bit late now, but I have similar issues and it turns out email/internet is only supported if you have a 3G signal - certainly the case with O2

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