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  1. ZXRichie

    ZXRichie Active Member


    Been getting on fine with my new best friend, the Pulse, but recently (last night and this morning) it has been responding very slow, do you know if there is something that can tell what the memory or cpu is doing, and who's hogging the most/


  2. Muuurgh

    Muuurgh Well-Known Member

    Hi ZX

    I use task manager to do my checking of what's going on. After I've been doing anything, and I'm putting it to sleep (or putting it down) I always click the icon to make sure the browser, etc, have shut down correctly. That seems to make a difference.

    I also find the pulse quite slow at times though, it's not the quickest on the block. I've gotten used to it, so if I know I've pressed a button and nothing's happened I'm used to waiting now :)
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