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"Sorry, Video Cannot be Played"Support

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  1. pochic1996

    pochic1996 Active Member

    There's this problem I've always been encountering, everytime I put a video on my SD card, and try to play it on my device, the pop-up box that says "Sorry, this video..." shows up. The video's i put are in .mp4 format. There's this instance that I had someone bluetooth me a video, and it worked. But after I edited the video (added bleeps to censored words), and put it back to my phone, the pop-up box came again. HELP :(

  2. android sgy

    android sgy Active Member

    try MX Player
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  3. pochic1996

    pochic1996 Active Member

    Do I have to install a third party app? I dont prefer doing that since it takes MORE efforts.-____-"
  4. yep you will install third party app .. It takes more efforts but its really worth it ;)

    hit thanks if i helped
  5. android sgy

    android sgy Active Member

    yes..you need to put in the efforts....there are many videos which the inbuilt player cant play..
  6. pochic1996

    pochic1996 Active Member

    Is there a required resolution for the default player in order to play videos? A friend of mine can play videos downloaded from YouTube and converted to .mp4 and plays smoothly on her Galaxy Y.
  7. android sgy

    android sgy Active Member

    not sure of the resolutions and all...but i have come across many videos which the inbuilt player cant process whereas the MX player does it easily...
  8. colt003

    colt003 New Member

    try using kies.. it can convert any video files to a video format that suits to galaxy y inbuilt player... so you dont have to install a video player from the market..
    it works on my sgy.. :)
  9. Juxxize

    Juxxize Active Member

    maybe when you friend downloads videos from you-tube and then they use a converter that converts the videos to mp4 but mp4 that's compatible to samsung.
    I use a converter that not only converts the videos to mp4 but mp4 that play on my phone . It's the only converter i found that works , i tried android converters ( that convert the video to android compatible format ) but I found the samsung convertor does a better job and the videos play better. I use the software on my pc then just bluetooth it to my phone , i don't think it take alot of effort.
    But I do agree with everyone else MX player is only a small app and doesn't take up alot of storage and really you need it because the built in media player is abit rubbish. I wouldn't say installing it is alot effort go to the play store find it & click install 'simplesss'
  10. jtv08

    jtv08 New Member

    This issue drives me nuts!

    However, I am now investigating apps from 'Samsung Apps' (not google play store) which 'appear' to promise a solution.
  11. stofvod

    stofvod Member

    I had the same problem. try taking out your battery and putting it back in. That did the trick for me
  12. raskeeter

    raskeeter New Member

    Galaxy Note 2 running Android Version 4.1.1. Installed a 64GB Microsd card. Copied several video over to phone form Windows 7 computer. Note 2 converts it to it's own format before adding to sd card. Some video will play just fine while other cause this message to pop up "Cannot play video Sorry, this video cannot be played" What is up with this? Has anyone been able to resolve this issue on the Galaxy Android phones? I keep seeing try MX Player!! I tried that and still have the same issues!!!
  13. janesi87

    janesi87 New Member

    Yep, i also have the same problem with you and i tried MX Player with you. I don't know what i should do because i love watching video but my phone doesn't allow me to do it :mad:
  14. Juxxize

    Juxxize Active Member

    what s/he said :)
  15. Juxxize

    Juxxize Active Member

    can't you go into the settings and turn off that feature
    or download an android a video converter app from playstore to convert the video to a playable format ?
  16. Anasayu87

    Anasayu87 New Member

    YES thank you sir. it worked! MX player it is!

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