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  1. mcaanda

    mcaanda Member

    E-mails in the evening after I go to bed are driving the wife nuts, but the issue is that this is the only phone that we have in the house.

    I have to turn the vol down so that you don't hear it in the evening, and then dont have the change to catch a call if it was to come in.

    Is there an app that would allow for the vol on specific items to be turned off / down while leaving the vol of say the ringer up past 10?

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  2. quint8

    quint8 New Member

    If you go into Settings>sound & display>ringer volume and uncheck the box that is checked another volume bar will show up which controls notifications. You can then slide that all the way to the left and they sound will be shut off. Hope that helps.:)
  3. Blrfl

    Blrfl Well-Known Member

    Try Setting Profiles, which you can use to change the volume settings overnight and return them to the defaults in the morning. The free version only allows one active rule at a time, but one is all you need to do that. It's worth the $3.00 to buy the full version.

  4. theacousticprophet

    theacousticprophet Well-Known Member

    Check out the free app, "AudioManager Widget" by Smart Android Apps. It has a nice UI that gives you individual sliders for all of your audio options in one place. This is prolly the easiest solution to your issue.
  5. Sketchee

    Sketchee Well-Known Member

    THe free Sound Manager app lets you set times for different volumes. Also handy since it lets you directly control sound volume for Alarms, Ringer, Media, etc all in one screen
  6. mcaanda

    mcaanda Member

    I will have to check the others listed here, but have been playing "TIMERIFFIC" for the last 15 min. Looks very slick, great UI, and does exactly what I need for setting up timing limits.

    All kinds of options and best of all - FREE.

    Thanks guys, I actually found this one looking for the others listed.
  7. EricB

    EricB Well-Known Member

    There's also an app called "FoxyRing", it allows you to do all kinds of things with the ringer that you never dreamed of.

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