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  1. WhoCaresNotMe

    WhoCaresNotMe Member

    Okay, everyone with a LePan Tablet, we finally have our own sub-group. If you have one of the LePan Tablets, sound off, and let everyone know what you have found for it.

    What upgrades have you made?
    What accessories have you found that work?
    Any technical news to share?
    Anyone know of any rumors about the company and it's plans?
    Tips on how to make it work better?
    Cool software to make it more functional?

  2. dharco

    dharco New Member

    Very pleased with the Tablet so far but was wondering if it is worth upgrading the firmware to version 4.2 available on their website?
  3. dadto5

    dadto5 New Member

    Bought my wife one for Christmas, she's playing with it now (ya I know it's a few days early). Haven't done firmware update - waiting to see if it's worth it.
  4. Manute

    Manute Member

    I got one for Christmas as well, been playing with it about 3 weeks. :)
    I did the 4431 firmware upgrade right away, before installing anything. Haven't bothered with 4431 v2 yet, because I don't want to reinstall everything.

    Love it so far.. playing 10 cent apps, browsing with dolphin, my 4 yr old plays on it a lot as well.
    Connects well to WiFi, no need to find/use the reset switch yet...

    I do not use it for skype or other video chat, so I can't comment.
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  5. NotSoTechy

    NotSoTechy Member

    Just got delivered yesterday and haven't had time to even look at it until tonight. And the first thing I managed to do was completely wreck the posrus antiglare/anti-fingerprint screen that I had to import from the US 'cause, while they carry the tablet, do not carry the screens. :mad: So I've just ordered another screen. (This is all supposed to be a Christmas present for my dad...)

    And according to the manual I need to let it charge at least 8 hours before trying to do anything with it, which kind of sucks, but I guess I still have tomorrow to try and get this thing all set up. Hopefully it won't be too hard! lol

    Is the firmware upgrade recommended before I try and install anyting? I need to install the Aldiko e-reader app... :confused:
  6. Manute

    Manute Member

    I would do the firmware upgrade before you install anything. If you don't, you will have to re-install anyway.
  7. NotSoTechy

    NotSoTechy Member

    Holy cow, was that ever easy!!! I checked in the about the tablet settings and it was already running the latest firmware, so I didn't even have to upgrade. The hardest part was creating the new Google account so that I could download the ereader app (why I have to have a google account for that I do not know... craziness).

    Anyhow, Aldiko is now installed and a few public domain ebooks downloaded. Easy, intuitive tablet to use. Up an running quickly and easily! :) I'm almost sorry that I'm going to be giving this little toy away tomorrow! I want to play with it some more! LOL!

    Happy holidays, all -- going to go finish the last of my Christmas prep stuff now!
  8. johna2u

    johna2u Well-Known Member

    I love My Le Pan. I've had it for about 2 weeks now. I have had a few issues that Le Pan Customer service has been very responsive in helping me solve. 1. Freezing -Per Le Pan they are more likely to freeze with less than 60% battery. They recommended I let the battery completely run down to "Reset it" I am in the process of doing that now. 2.AWDlauncher is a cool program that gives you lots of options for your home screen experience including auto rotation of the home screen. which is handy. 3. Soft navigation keys are hard to see when using the tablet in the dark. They light up after you touch them but that is about a milisecond too late. "Button Savior" is a soft key program that will add buttons to your screen so you can find them in the dark. You have to be rooted for all the buttons to work but you can arrange them next to your actual buttons so you can see where they are and find your original buttons without rooting. You will need to install the pro version for 1.49 to really get it set up right. Helps alot.
    Buy two if you are married. It is a hard toy to share.
  9. billday120373

    billday120373 Member

    Bought one for wife, shipped with 4431, so i have not had any issues.

    So far its been fair, yahoo video chat doesn't work, likely cause of froyo... bluetooth prints pics via bluetooth to our walmart cannon mp470. No problem transferring files between tablet and android phones(htc droid inc2s) via bluetooth.

    Only thing I'm unhappy with so far is froyo...........

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