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  1. aks1979

    aks1979 Member

    After updating to android 2.3.5 and sense 3.0 the sound quality by using SRS has decreased drastically... It's quite noticeable, sound using equaliser is much better. has anyone experienced this or its just me...

    Please share your thoughts and suggestions

  2. byderin

    byderin New Member

  3. brirob24

    brirob24 New Member

    Same problem for me on desire HD. Shame as I love the srs sound enhancement. Will post a solution if I find one
  4. Jezsta

    Jezsta New Member

    I too am experiencing the same problem after updating to android 2.3.5 and sense 3.0 on my HTC Incredible S.
    SRS enhancement is no better than the 'no effects' option in music player.

    Can anyone answer why this, or suggest and app to enhance audio quality will be greatly appriciated???

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