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  1. ramanmilan

    ramanmilan Well-Known Member

    I don't have HTC desire but i was wondering how good is the sound quality?
    Like compared with iPod touch or a proper music player.

  2. bendip

    bendip Member

    i've replaced the pre installed sd card with the 16gb (half full of music) that lived in my nokias...a 5800 and a e55, the sound isn't quite as good as it was on the 5800 but it's much better than the e55's sound...having toyed with my old ipod nano with the same music, it's obvious the htc isn't a direct replacement for a good mp3 player but it will get you by for an hour or two without you feeling shortchanged

    ps ditch the supplied headphones though, they're not up to much at all
  3. ramanmilan

    ramanmilan Well-Known Member

  4. antipesto93

    antipesto93 Well-Known Member

    i agree, the older htc earphones used to be very high quality...looks like they wanted to cut production costs!
  5. ramanmilan

    ramanmilan Well-Known Member

    i got nice earphones.
    Hopefully ill buy HTC Desire soon...
  6. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Invest in some decent headphones, my Klipsch's made me Hero sound pretty good!
  7. ramanmilan

    ramanmilan Well-Known Member

    I have got some sennheisser ones they are pretty good
  8. ramanmilan

    ramanmilan Well-Known Member

    so if i use good earphones then would Desire's audio quality be higher or lower than an ipod?
  9. antipesto93

    antipesto93 Well-Known Member

    mm i got no idea, if an ipod was high, it would only be by a very small margin, the earphones are the main thing
  10. Lukehluke

    Lukehluke Well-Known Member

    As long as you have good earphones then the quality will be good.
  11. chrissmith155

    chrissmith155 Member

    I have to disagree.

    I currently have an iphone 3gs. I am NOT a fanboy. I hate being locked into itunes and all the stupid politics that come with the iphone. I really wanted to like the desire so I could ditch the iphone while it still has some resale value.

    But I just got some hands on time with the HTC desire. And in most respects is meets or exceeds the iphone. However I use my phone a lot for listening to music in work. I have a very decent pair of shure earphones - and the hisses and pops that it picks up from the desire make it sound like listening to an old LP!

    I want to ditch my iphone, but bad audio quality is a deal breaker. My advice, if you don't use anything but cheap headphones - avoid the htc desire.
  12. bazza

    bazza Active Member

    surely there is an apple forum you could be on :rolleyes:

    Thers's nothing wrong with the sound quality of the desire compared to my daughters nano, but i've never been a fan nor an owner of any apple products, why? because i have a mind of my own. ;)
  13. NineToTheSky

    NineToTheSky Well-Known Member

    And I'm afraid I have to disagree with you. I, too, care very much about sound quality. I use Westone UM3X iems (which, incidentally are the best iems I've ever used), and I'm very pleased with the sound quality from my Desire - no extraneous noises at all.
  14. KMitch

    KMitch Member

    Just to add my two-penneth, I'd say that the iPod does sound better with music than the Desire. I'm listening on a pair of Ultimate Ears earphones and there's a slight amount of hiss on the Desire but not on the iPod.

    However, it won't stop me using my phone as an occasional music player and once I'm on a noisy bus I'm sure I won't notice it :)
  15. chrissmith155

    chrissmith155 Member

    Perhaps the unit I have is faulty then. I will check another one out in store if I get the chance, since noone else here is having the same issue. But if I had paid money for this one I would be demanding a refund right now. The hissing is just terrible.

    lol @bazza, maybe you should use that mind of yours then to actually read what I wrote.
  16. bazza

    bazza Active Member

    I did i think, you're an apple iphone owner on an android htc desire forum telling us not to buy it.

    Very strange man, or should i say (fan)boy :p
  17. chrissmith155

    chrissmith155 Member

    I'm saying that if you like the android platform like me and if you care about good sound quality (like me also) my advice is to wait for an android phone that can deliver it (unless the desire I have in my hand is atypical)... take it or leave it.

    Judging devices objectively does not a fanboy make. Worshiping a single platform (android included!) does ;) <plonk>
  18. bazza

    bazza Active Member

    you're quite correct, this is my first android phone had it two weeks and can compare it to many phones i've owned in the past including w995, lg arena, n95 8gb, 5800, samsung jet and omnia hd. Multimedia is a big thing to me and sound quality is very important, trust me if it weren't up to the task i would have sold it by now!

    i joined this forum to learn about android and pick up tips and tricks about the phone and the operating system. unlike you i wouldn't judge a phone i didn't own! and then after a play around with it tell everyone not to buy it.

    Your original post is very very strange indeed "i'm not an iphone fanboy please love me but don't buy the desire"

  19. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    To the person who heard hisses and crackles - you were listening on a faulty Desire I would think. Check GSMarena - they use top notch objective measures of SQ and the Desire is excellent (as in up there in best of class).
  20. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Fully behind this. I love music, and currently own an iPod classic, Zune HD and a Desire of course. The Desire is just as good as the media players and there is definately no hissing. That sounds like a loose speaker unit in the phone or something.
  21. Irishdaz

    Irishdaz New Member

    I am having the same issue. Very slightly out of sync. Enough to be annoying. Also the audio on any videos i record is terrible. Anyone having this issue? I emailed HTC and got the folowing reply..

    Dear Customer Thank you for contacting HTC If you experiencing youtube audio out of sync its due to a slow internet access time and higher buffering requirement for the video, a faster internet access can resolve this problem. The camera mic will record most sound in a normal environment, but other ambiant sound will affect recording such as for example wind. Best Regards, HTC customer support team HTC Corp. Global Service Division HTC ? Support ? Customer Service ? Support via Hotline

    I'm using an 8mb internet connection and recording videos indoors.

    I replied under wrong thread... Meant for youtube issue

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