Sound quality suddenly bad

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  1. monkeemonkee

    monkeemonkee New Member

    I purchased this mytouch slide off ebay and have used it about a month with no issues. As of yesterday the call quality is awful. Wifi calling is perfect and clear, ring tones, music player, ect all sound excellent. Just regular calling at home, out and about sounds scratchy and very fuzzy - callers can't hear me. When making or receiving a call there are always all bars available. Is there a setting I am missing or fix?

  2. Cramill

    Cramill Well-Known Member

    If wifi calling is fine, but regular calls have issues - it sounds like a signal issue for me. It could be something with the sim card, too. I've had to replace my sim card twice. Take it into a T-Mobile store and see if you have the right kind of sim card.

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