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  1. B8787

    B8787 Active Member


    I am trying to work on an app which has a function which records the sound which comes in the microphone. I already coded the record part, which is done by a thread. It would be handy to give a graphical view of the incoming sound, like http://web.hcpss.org/~paul_wiedorn/types/soundengineeringjf_files/soundPicture.jpg or http://image.made-in-china.com/2f0j00UvBEaqIRHdbK/EL-Sound-Activated-T-Shirt.jpg for example.

    I searched a little bit for a tutorial online, but the only thing I found was Audalyzer, but it is difficult for me to get a grip on it, it also is using the whole interface and not clear how to implement it as a widget... I am stuck on this.

    Maybe somebody knows a good tutorial or example code on this or could help me by coding the basics or something?

    Hope somebody wants to become my hero! :)

  2. avpavp

    avpavp New Member

    You just want something cosmetic? Likely you want to run an FFT on your incoming data, then output a graph of freq vs amplitude.

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